Family Law & Divorce

Soto Law provides a variety of legal services for persons who are going through a legal separation and/or Divorce, who are having issues which stem from a previous Divorce and/or romantic relationship, or who otherwise have a Family Law issue which they need to discuss with an experienced Family Law attorney. At Soto Law, our focus is on providing our clients with comprehensive, full service, personalized legal counsel as well as the support you need during what is often a stressful and emotional time of your life. We offer said support via our exceptional customer service. Specifically, at Soto Law, we understand the importance of communication and thus, open and regular communication with our clients is the bedrock of our representation. Rest assured that at Soto Law, you have found your Family Law and Divorce advocate.

If you are a couple engaged to be married, or if you are involved in a romantic relationship and are thinking of walking down the aisle, please speak with us about scheduling a Premarital Assessment. At Soto Law, we firmly believe that a Premarital Assessment is imperative as a marriage is truly a business decision which can have a significant impact on your finances and ultimately, your estate. Further, knowledge is power and being educated about the financial ramifications of your marriage will undoubtedly lead to a long and successful union. Similar to Estate Planning, Premarital Assessments and Prenuptial Agreements are not only for the wealthy and thus, they should be a part of every couple’s discussions once they have decided to get married and make a life-long commitment to one another. During the Premarital Assessment, couples will meet with one of our experienced attorneys and engage in an open dialogue whereby they are able to discuss their unique financial situation and receive comprehensive legal advice regarding the same. Further, you and your partner can decide whether or not a Prenuptial Agreement is in you and your partner’s best interests. In addition to Premarital Assessments and issues surrounding Divorce, our firm can also assist your family in Special Proceedings such as Adoptions, Legitimation Proceedings, and Guardianship Proceedings.

Our firm provides unequivocal services distinguished by our dedication to the multicultural community in the North Carolina area. We are a fully multilingual law firm, with attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants who are fluent in both English and Spanish. Further, and given our firm’s focus and dedication to the issues of Family Law & Divorce, Real Estate as well as Estate Planning, we are uniquely situated to fully assess your Family Law needs and handle them accordingly.

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